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Gaining Ground For A Brighter Tomorrow

Equipping the vessel to dive into the depts of their God given call, is the mission at the forefront of our existence here at The MRP.



Our programs, resources, and events are designed to be a catalyst that helps to promote, inspire and efficiently assist the people of

 The Most High

to obtain a pragmatic approach to the

fulfillment of their divine mission in life.

To get involved and learn more about the positive impact we are making on the world, take a moment to explore what we have to offer. For partnership opportunities,

please reach out and connect with us today!

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The MRP community stands by our motto,

"Live as if you can see God watching and cheering you on."

We Promise to seek God first in all of our ways (Matthew 6:33),

and to give 100% wholehearted devotion in all that we do,

in order to bring a full quality experience directly to you!  

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