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From The Heart of The MRP

Bringing  the solution at the height of a need
is the perfect way to impact the world one step at a time.

Jesus is the heart beat of our incredible staff  and  everything we do here at MRP.  We strive to make every interaction a memorable experience, by placing a large emphasis on delivering inspiration in a truly authentic way. We come from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and specialties. But the one thing we all have in common is the desire to see the good work continue to grow as every staff member allows Christ to shine through their actions as a beacon of

hope, help, and light for all.

With a passion for making the voices of talented new writers heard, she takes the lead in publishing &  production.  Mrs. Smith aims to deliver education, biblical inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of audiences. As the author of the Midlife Rebirth Series, she shares her insights at various guest speaking engagements. With a moral compass to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she founded The MRP, and is currently expanding.

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Mrs. Shamaira "Shay" Smith
MRP Founder, TMRP Publishing Consultant, CCLC & Counselor


Ms. Syreeta Adams
-Minister, Founder of WSYI & Simply uGmo-

As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, Ms. Adams aims to deliver education, inspiration and enlightenment to a variety of audiences with Whatever Skin You're In.  Highly recognized and seasoned  in leadership development, she meets the listener right where they are and ministers directly to the needs at hand. As the President of operations here at MRP, she provides a unique approach for every situation combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm that brings light into  each day.

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