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( The Rebirth Crisis Center)  

The Rebirth Crisis Center is a forthcoming Bible focused spiritual retreat. The overall goal of this development is for people to gather from different walks of life to learn how to recover from negative lifestyle patterns and discover or rediscover that Jesus Christ is the way to a renewed heart and a channel to positive transformation. This multi-functioning center is a gathering place for church retreats, events, and extended programs. The overall experience shared at this place, will help an individual to find themselves reborn, as they move forward with everyday life. 

The RCC offers a variety of programs that implement a series of activities and strategies. The intervention program was established to address the deeper needs of non-violent offenders (rehabilitation) and help transition (reintegrate) them from the road of incarceration back to productive members of society. In season, this program is designed to address the issues that caused the individual to commit an offense and invoke a radical transformation in thought process and lifestyle choices. The diversion program is an alternative to the formal processing of a repeat offender by the criminal justice system. A brief program overview is described below.



 For defendants who are afflicted by non-violent mental health issues and chronic repetitive behavior.  


The RCC offers an intervention course that nurtures and addresses the presence of God and the internal desire to fulfill purpose in their lives. Each course focuses on harm reduction services and eliminating the repetitive behavior that brought them here.


By adding a diversion program to this Christ centered environment, clients will become endowed with deeper purpose for their lives. While learning job skills, life skills, discipline, and spiritual focus, it will directly assist with stability instead of crime. Allowing them to become more productive, self-controlled members of the community.


Each person will have an individualized case plan.The training and skills attached to the program would require them to complete 21+ days (in its entirety) to solidly establish positive reinforcement habits. If intercepted early, these offenders are at a greater advantage for change. This course of special resolutions will provide an efficient way to allocate state & taxpayer funding and will also be effective in crime reduction.


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