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Whatever Skin Your In

To Empower Self Acceptance By Using The 
Intentionality Of Creation To Live Life On Purpose

WSYI was born out of watching people live life unhappy based on the standards set forth by others. Understanding that we are social beings that suffer without relationships, WSYI desires to help people reach a higher standard of living life on purpose. The joy of life is found in self-acceptance, knowing that the design that is you is perfect. The truth is knowledge and understanding is gain (wisdom). If you know better, you do better, you feel better, and your relationships are better. We believe you are good ground and WSYI wants to sow (serve) into you what we have learned by walking it out- in faith

Whatever Skin Your In

 Genesis 1:26




Our mission is to assist in maximizing potential, teach humility and promote self-love.  




Our vision is to see people free to living life on purpose. 





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Whatever Skin Your In offers a group of services based in Genesis 1, being made in the image of God.  Our main service is to give insight to our spiritual nature in response to the burden of our human nature.    As difficult as that is to process the truth is there is a disconnect between what is and what should be and our intention is to silence doubt and insecurities to pull forth potential, gifts and talents.  Experience is the best teacher and we have learned that change happens when you “know” who you are so you can stop being who “they” say you are.    From birth we learn who society thinks is the perfect model to only find out as an adult it is make believe, that is why we are here.  


Here at WSYI we believe in the sanity that we all are created equal in our experience in life here on earth. 

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